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Dangerous Goods Transport

Suixin Logistics operating dangerous species: Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 dangerous goods.

Transport vehicles : Dangerous goods transport vans (3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons types) ;
Dangerous goods transport container trailer (20 feet short tow, 40 feet long tow, skeleton trailer, flat trailer) ;

Transport basic route (area) : Within the Pearl River Delta and Guangdong Province ;

Container transportation involves ports : Huangpu New Port each wharf, Huangpu Old Port each wharf, Huangpu Suigang wharf, Huangpu Xinsha Port, Guangzhou Nansha New Port, Guangzhou Development Zone Guangbaotong wharf, Guangzhou Xinfeng Port wharf, Guangzhou Jiaokou wharf, Guangzhou Changtong wharf, Shenzhen each port.

Our dangerous goods transport advantage :
1. Our vehicles have the qualifications for dangerous goods transportation, customs supervision vehicle qualification, and general container cargo transportation qualification;
2. Our company's own GPS tracking system, 24-hour all-round tracking, 24-hour operator orders;
3. Dangerous product can be free to represent the dangerous goods online counter declaration, free dangerous cabinet declaration;
4. The vehicles of our company are out of the car. Each car has one driver and one assistant. The driver has more than five years driving experience.
5. Our company has a monthly cooperation relationship with each port of Huangpu Port, and customers can enjoy the reduction and exemption of terminal miscellaneous fees;
6. Import and export of dangerous goods containers, free of charge for the counter, free of charge, and free of charge for the terminal.

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