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Overload Transport

We have a large transport fleet, specializing in overweight (less than 120 tons), super long (less than 40 meters), ultra-wide (less than 6.2 meters), ultra-high (less than 5 meters) special cargo transportation service.

Trailer : 30-80CM ultra-low board heavy-duty tractor, 20-120 tons ultra-low flatbed, 12-20 meters telescopic pull-type super long flatbed, hoisting machinery.

Service : Loading and unloading of large-scale equipment and engineering machinery; carrying all kinds of pile drivers, cranes, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, steel, power station equipment, precision instruments and other special materials and other "three super" objects.

  • General Cargo Trailer

  • Ultra low board

  • Flat Trailer

  • Container Trailer

  • Imported timber transport

  • Cargo loading

  • Trailer

  • Trailer

  • Low bar Trailer

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