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Import and export declaration and inspection

# Introduction

Import and export declaration trade methods: general trade processing trade (processing with supplied materials and processing with imported materials) processing trade carry forward (transfer to factory) sample advertising article A or B private goods investment equipment duty-free import non-priced equipment import and export exhibition goods temporary import and export other trade methods

Variety of goods: Chemical raw materials; old and new equipment; mineral products; wood; auto parts; food and beverage; textile raw materials; electromechanical products; electronic products; medical equipment; all kinds of groceries;
Category, category 9).

# Ports involved

Terminals in Huangpu New Port, terminals in Huangpu Old Port, ports and terminals in Guangzhou Development Zone, ports in Guangzhou, terminals in Shenzhen, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

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Success Cases

  • Timber import and customs declaration and inspection cases

    Suixin Logistics provides customers with the entire process from timber import, customs declaration and inspection, transportation to the customer's designated place. Suixin Logistics has rich experience in importing old wood, logs, wood products and furniture in Guangdong port. Flexible and fast technical processing of relevant packing documents, invoices and other declaration documents. Provide reasonable sterilization, fumigation and quarantine to customers through reasonable requests. Save terminal fees, cabinet rental fees, and facilitate the fastest time to pick up goods.

  • Cases of export of new coronavirus reagents

    The new coronavirus test agent can be exported. As special items, special items include microorganisms, human tissues, biological products, blood and its four major categories. Therefore, such items are easy to spread infectious diseases, or have the potential risks of spreading infectious diseases, cold chain transportation and high requirements for customs clearance speed. They are the objects of strict quarantine supervision by the customs. They are not allowed to enter or leave the country without quarantine permission. Passengers carrying special items can simply hand in advance the special item approval form to the customs officer on duty at the scene. Those who meet the requirements of inspection and quarantine will be released, and the site that does not handle the approval form in advance or the cargo certificate does not match will be intercepted. The time limit does not exceed 7 days.

  • Cases of dangerous products for export of hand sanitizer

    As the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has changed from internal control to external control imports, my country's disinfectant exports have gradually increased. In order to facilitate the rapid customs clearance of anti-epidemic materials, Suixin Logistics has sorted out the classification and customs clearance guidelines of common disinfectant materials and their preparations. Classification of common disinfectant raw materials and their preparations, classification of common disinfectant preparations, danger categories of common disinfectant preparations, distinguishing which dangerous chemicals belong to different categories, customs supervision requirements



  • Imported wood species
    1. The main varieties of imported wood in South America: mahogany wood, Walmara wood, purple heart wood, barbarium wood, Dada wood, balsa wood, new rice when wood, Suriname snake wood, Chinese Tong, Radiata pine, Oral wood. 2. The main varieties of timber imported from North America: Long Ye Shiye, Canadian Hemlock, Douglas Fir, West Bank Spruce, Brother detail
  • What are the ports in Guangzhou?
    Guangzhou Port is located at the estuary of the Pearl River and the central area of ​​the Pearl River Delta, bordering on the South China Sea, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, where Dongjiang, Xijiang and Beijiang meet and flow into the sea. Guangzhou Port is an important hub of China's comprehensive transportation system, and is an important part of China's foreign trade and foreign trade. detail
  • Contact of Guangzhou Suixin Logistics Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou Suixin Logistics Contact: Name: Guangzhou Suixin Logistics Co., Ltd.; Address: 2nd Floor, No. 52, Guangbao Avenue, Free Trade Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou China; Postcode: 510730; Customer service phone: 020-8222-5939; customer service detail
  • What are the main businesses of Suixin Logistics?
    Guangzhou Suixin Logistics Co., Ltd., referred to as "Suixin Logistics". The main business includes: road transportation, customs declaration and inspection, warehouse business, and sea and air transportation. detail



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