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Dangerous goods transport

# Introduction

We can transport 3 categories, 4 categories, 5 categories, 6 categories, 8 categories, 9 categories of dangerous goods

# Transportation range

Within the Pearl River Delta and within Guangdong Province;

Huangpu New Port Terminals, Huangpu Old Port Terminals, Huangpu Suigang Terminals, Huangpu Xinsha Port, Guangzhou Nansha New Port, Guangzhou Development Zone Guangbaotong Terminal, Guangzhou Xinfeng Port Terminal, Guangzhou Jiaokou Terminal, Guangzhou Changtong Terminal, Shenzhen port.

# Trucks

  • Dangerous goods transport vans (3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons models);
  • Dangerous goods transport container trailer (20-foot short tow, 40-foot long tow, skeleton trailer, flatbed trailer);

# Advantages

  1. Our vehicles are qualified for dangerous goods transportation, customs supervision vehicle qualification, and general container cargo transportation qualification;
  2. Our vehicles come with GPS tracking system, 24-hour all-round tracking, 24-hour operator order;
  3. If yes Dangerous goods can be declared ** for free ** on-line counter declaration for dangerous goods, free declaration of dangerous counters;
  4. Our vehicles come out of the car, each car comes with one driver, one driver, and driver driving experience **More than five years **;
  5. More than 200 authors provide you with the most professional tracking and transportation business services;
  6. Our company has a monthly cooperation relationship with the terminals of Huangpu Port, and customers can enjoy the reduction of ** terminal miscellaneous fees **;
  7. Import and export of dangerous goods containers, ** free counters for picking up containers, free payment of pressure money, free payment of terminal miscellaneous fees **;

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Success Cases

  • Dangerous goods transportation and customs case

    Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 8, Class 9, Dangerous goods transportation, customs declaration and inspection, as well as import and export trade, booking.

  • Hand Sanitizer (Class 3 Dangerous Goods) Road Transport Case

    Due to the epidemic situation of New Coronary Pneumonia, the domestic demand for medical products such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant is huge. This time, Suixin Logistics shipped approximately 5 tons of 75% alcohol hand sanitizer for customers from Guangzhou to Hangzhou. The hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol content has the best sterilization effect, while the alcohol solution with more than 24% belongs to the category 3 dangerous goods, flammable liquid. Suixin Logistics has a variety of dangerous goods transportation qualifications and can transport 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 dangerous goods.



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    1. The main varieties of imported wood in South America: mahogany wood, Walmara wood, purple heart wood, barbarium wood, Dada wood, balsa wood, new rice when wood, Suriname snake wood, Chinese Tong, Radiata pine, Oral wood. 2. The main varieties of timber imported from North America: Long Ye Shiye, Canadian Hemlock, Douglas Fir, West Bank Spruce, Brother detail
  • What are the ports in Guangzhou?
    Guangzhou Port is located at the estuary of the Pearl River and the central area of ​​the Pearl River Delta, bordering on the South China Sea, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, where Dongjiang, Xijiang and Beijiang meet and flow into the sea. Guangzhou Port is an important hub of China's comprehensive transportation system, and is an important part of China's foreign trade and foreign trade. detail
  • Contact of Guangzhou Suixin Logistics Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou Suixin Logistics Contact: Name: Guangzhou Suixin Logistics Co., Ltd.; Address: 2nd Floor, No. 52, Guangbao Avenue, Free Trade Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou China; Postcode: 510730; Customer service phone: 020-8222-5939; customer service detail
  • What are the main businesses of Suixin Logistics?
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