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Ton truck transportation

# Introduction

Vehicle transportation, distribution transportation, logistics distribution, LTL distribution transportation, return truck transportation, round-trip distribution transportation (more than one ton of goods is our advantageous transportation scope).
Long-distance vehicle transportation and long-distance bulk carpool transportation.

Suixin Logistics has built a large-scale Huangpu warehousing and logistics center platform, attached to Huangpu ports, integrating Huangpu cargo transit warehousing and transportation and distribution in cities in the Pearl River Delta; professionally providing Huangpu logistics, Huangpu distribution logistics, Huangpu return truck transportation, Huangpu Distribution Transportation, Huangpu LTL Distribution Transportation, etc .; Suixin Logistics Center is Huangpu Logistics Center, Huangpu Logistics Distribution Center, Huangpu Transportation Transit Center, Huangpu Storage Center, Huangpu Warehouse Distribution Center, Huangpu Storage Logistics Center.

# Transportation range

The scope of the Pearl River Delta (our advantage area); the whole province of Guangdong Province; major cities across the country.

# Business advantage

Suixin Logistics has successfully constructed a trucking distribution and transportation network in the Pearl River Delta, and has truly realized a distribution and transportation network between the cities in the Pearl River Delta, bringing the logistics price to the customers and more convenient services!

  • Transportation within the Pearl River Delta, transportation within Guangdong Province, daily departure, arrival on the day;
  • Distribution transportation within the Pearl River Delta, 7 tons (including 7 tons), delivery today arrives tomorrow;-Round-trip delivery within the Pearl River Delta, return vehicle transportation, the same day Arrive on the day of mention;

Logistics transportation between Guangzhou and Huangpu to cities in the Pearl River Delta; logistics transportation from cities in the Pearl River Delta to Guangzhou and Huangpu; Suixin Logistics has reached distribution transportation in the true sense, and return transportation in the true sense; Suixin Logistics has been authentic In the sense, it has the strong strength to reduce the logistics cost of the Pearl River Delta for our customers.

# Trucks

1.5 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 8 ton, 10 ton, 12 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton, 25 ton and other vans, flying wing cars, side door trucks, high hurdles and other models.

  • Models under 2 tons: length: 4.3 meters; width: 1.8 meters; height: 1.8 meters;
  • models with 5 tons: length: 5.2 meters; width: 2.0 meters; height: 2.0 meters;
  • length: 6.4 meters; width: 2.4 meters; height: 2.4 meters;-8 tons model: length: 6.8 meters; width: 2.4 meters; height: 2.4 meters; - length: 7.2 meters; width: 2.4 meters; height: 2.4 meters;-10 tons model: length: 7.6 meters; width: 2.4 meters; height: 2.4 meters;
    -length: 8.6 meters; width: 2.4 meters; height: 2.4 meters;
    -models within 15 tons: length: 9.2 meters; width: 2.4 meters; height: 2.4 meters
    -length: 9.6 meters; width: 2.4 meters; height: 2.4 meters;

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